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Mobile and Website Development

HOVO Digital is a Mobile and Website development company that understands and appreciates your ideas. Our think tank comprising of programmers, developers and creative individuals promises to build apps and design websites that are truly compatible with the hopes you have attached to the core of those very ideas.

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Surviving and prospering in the present hyper-digital age without an app or a website that sums up the essence of your brand is almost like going to a battle without your shield and weapons. If you don’t want to lose, or rather if you feel the need to be on the top, then get in touch with HOVO Digital so we can help you concretize your vision, improve your pace, build a strong image and make you the beast of the corporate world.

The company’s main objective is to work for the brands that are looking for some assistance so as to give their respective brand a proper shape and an ever-growing following. We believe in your dreamturned-brand and know how important the same must be for you. So, from providing solutions,suggesting changes. We offer services for mobile, iOS and Android app development. In other words, we will make sure to do everything in our power (except disappointing since we are not capable of that!) to give your brand a strong face that it deserves to have.

  • Complete backend support from start to finish
  • Designed and personalised to your specifications
  • Assistance with marketing (ASO and driving app installs)
  • Best quality at the most affordable prices
  • Users can navigate in a beautiful manner, making the overall experience extra smooth
  • Pharmacy applications and ERP growth are pre-installed
  • Education applications and ERP growth was pre-installed

Why you should choose our app

Building apps and websites to creating functionally outstanding apps
with eyecatching UIs and immersive UX.

Native (Android) application development

Providing assistance to small and large enterprises worldwide, HOVO takes extreme pride in working for brand within and outside India. Our offshore projects with multiple American and European-based companies adds much credibility and help us build our reputation at every stage. With our one-of-a-kind solutions, we assist companies in providing better customer service. We support powering up and running of Android systems in a variety of businesses and associations, ranging from commercial to science and technology, research purposes et cetera.

Hybrid application development

We also offer a blend of native and web solutions. Whether you want to start an online presence from scratch or expand it across multiple platforms, we will provide an effective cross platform app development that fits within your budget. We provide our services in a smooth integration that will work with various devices such as iOS, Android, Desktop, and Laptop.

IOS application development

We create custom, flexible, and customizable iOS mobile app solutions that delight users and increase engagement. Custom iOS Solution, Enterprise iOS Solutions, iPhone App Consultation, iPhone app UI/UX Design, iPhone Widget/Extension Development iPhone app Support, Optimization, or Maintenance iPhone App Integration are the development services we provide to our clients.

Online Pharmacy App development

We offer online pharmacy app development solutions to both small and large pharmacy companies that wish to extend and make their services available 24x7. Our online pharmacy app development solutions would allow pharmacy standalone pharmacies, chain owners, hospitals, e-pharmacy start-ups, healthcare professionals and patients to opt for doorstep delivery. Our solutions can be customised to meet your particular business needs, whether it's on-demand medicine ordering and delivery to a patient's home or accessing prescriptions and consultations.

Online Education application development

We all know how much kids are reliable on education apps, especially after the pandemic, the numbers of users have significantly increased. More users call for more apps. So, if you are educator who is looking to offer classes or assess learner performance in real-time, then consider hiring us!

By developing eLearning mobile apps or offering development solutions, we promise to give you a smooth and your clients, a smoother experience. Our educative growth process is more than just ideation, construction, and launch. Apps will keep your eLearning solutions mobile, current, competitive, and profitable in the present and future.

Banner Communication

We create custom mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms for companies in India and abroad. Our mobile app developers are skilled at developing mobile apps (educational and otherwise), AI products and designing websites. So, if you are interested in the services we have to offer, then get in touch with us!

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About Hovo Digital

Founded in 2018 by an IIFT Delhi Alumni, HOVO Digital has managed to earn international reputation and the trust of many renowned companies in a very short period of time. We are an Early-Stage Young Digital Marketing, website, mobile app and AI product development company with a team of 35+ and offices in 3 locations around the world.

Our main focus rests on helping brands that wish to market their products or want website and mobile app development services along with innovative digital and AI solutions in order to mark their presence online