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Social Media Has Emerged as a

New Marketplace!

The average global social media penetration is about 49%, where as of now facebook is the most used social media platform, it is observed that trends are moving to mobile usage of social media. Hence it is important for brands to keep a mobile friendly brand content on all social media channels and interact at various touch points, it is easier for a brand to now sell anything on social media and all it takes is a simple one page e-commerce website and a good social media campaign.

How is that possible?

We have designed a result oriented “Social Organic+Paid Formula” which ensures that your Brand gets the most top of the mind recall and is able to sell a number of products using funnels. Funnel optimisation is the newest game in 2020

Want to know How Long Does it Take to Make a Social Media Brand??

3-6 Months 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the social media platforms that a brand must be present on??

It purely depends on one company to another. Identifying the presence of your audience on the social media platforms is of utmost importance. The right platform will help you target the right crowd which will further lead to the recognition of your brand.

What should I post on social media?

The type of content entirely depends on the type of business you have. The content strategy depended on the USP of your products. Using the wrong type of content can spread the wrong message on social media platforms.

How Do I Get More Followers??

The answer to this question is- Quality content. Quality is the secret ingredient that engages audience and eventually they start interacting with the brand. High quality content with a dash of creativity is something that is very important when it comes to getting more followers. Buying followers is something that we don’t encourage.

How to handle negative comments on social media ?

Social media platforms is full of diverse audience. Ofcourse there will be negative comments, but the easiest way to tackle such audience is that you choose to address their problems so that you are able to gain their trust. It all depends on how well you are in handling such situations.

What’s the right frequency if people keep missing the stuff we post on social media? ?

Right frequency is determined when you start posting. Once you start acquainting them with your brand, you yourself will get to know what’s working and what’s not. You obviously cannot flood your social feed with posts. This in turn leads to the user unfollowing your page. We are sure that’s something you won’t like

Is Paid Social Media Advertising a Good Idea??

Paid Social Media Advertising is definitely a good idea. Running paid ads can give a boost to your business. Here is a fact you shouldn’t ignore- The average person spends 135 minutes per day on social networks. Also, the number of small businesses advertising on Facebook has doubled to 50 million in recent months.