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Influencer Marketing is the Game!

You have a great product and want to launch it to the market, Influencer Marketing is an online version of what we call “Word of Mouth” marketing, customers lookout for influencer reviews as they trust that they have used and liked the product. In today’s world it is emerging as the “New King of Content” 

How is that possible?

We have done great partnerships with a lot of nano, micro, macro and major influencers from the world in categories like Food, Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle and more to make sure we get you the best of influencers talking about your brand and be responsible in generating brand awareness and revenue through it 

Want to know How Long Does it Take??

Maximum 7 Days to Finalise a Deal with Influencer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Celebrity Endorsement similar to Influencer Marketing ?

Not really,  influencers have niche targeting with content curated for a particular niche for the audience of common interests. Celebrity are influencers and typically used for mass media campaigns

How much Influencer Marketing Cost?

“One Size Fits All” is not at all true when it comes to influencer marketing campaigns cost, each campaign is custom made and have different costs based on the type of influencers and campaign objectives, discuss with an influencer marketing expert to find out the right cost

How to begin Influencer Marketing for my product?

It is simple, just search the web to find the best influencer of your product category or speak to an influencer marketing expert who can help you with this

What is the criteria for selecting an Influencer?

While selecting Influencers one of the primary metric to look at is the “audience size”, like how many followers does the influencer has, and second metric if “engagement” on their content.

What are micro influencers ?

Micro influencers are those whose followers typically range from 10,000 to 1,00,000 on any of the popular platforms, like instagram, youtube and more.

What type of content influencers create ?

A brief is shared by the agency to the influencer along with the content type which has been agreed by agency and the brand, influencers then produce the content in the said guidelines and share on their channel